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Welcome to a safe space.
Where you're available to express your opinions,
feelings and thoughts respectfully.
All disorders are welcomed and accepted.

Please feel free to use the self injury, depression,
suicide and eating disorder help pages.

Steps Toward Recovery – Utilizing the Internet →


Using Tumblr as an escape and safe place is a wonderful idea. But it also can be a major trigger for you.

To begin recovery it is important to remove ALL triggers in your “safe space”, including online.

  1. On Tumblr unfollow ALL depressing/triggering/sad and or black and white blogs.

“Oh but I…


This is your permission to eat today.
It’s okay. Please re-read this everyday as needed.

I’m sorry everyone.

Over the past six months I haven’t been very active on this blog and I’ve decided to delete it for good.

I’ve made many friends and hope I’ve helped people in the process but I am happy to say that i am fully recovered and don’t feel I need to continue with this blog.

Depression is something that sticks with you for your whoke life, and although I’ve struggled with self harm for four years now I have recovered and I am SEVEN months clean.

Anyway, the blog will be officially deleted sometime next week. I keep you all up to date.

Thank you to the 6.3k people for following me. I always appreciated it.



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It's Better When It's Cold    →


I’m from poppunkeroni, we have a new self help campaign going and we need help saving the world. maybe it’d fit in here, followers can just click the link above and read all about how to feel awesome. 

there’s also a few images (which we tried to keep free of triggers but maybe could be a little bit triggering I hope not) 

Trigger warning, but check this out! Love you guys.